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Top Montessori School in Brampton

Top Montessori School in Brampton

For a child to thrive, academic learning must be accompanied by a multitude of experiences and opportunities. As a top Montessori School in Brampton, Alder Ridge, we offer a host of after school age appropriate enrichment programs for students aged 2.5 to 7 years of age.


From hip-hop to acro-dance, students discover their hidden talents as they embark on a journey guided by music and movement.


Martial Arts
Taekwondo, karate and jujitsu help students learn self-defense techniques and build confidence and pride.


Drama / Theatre
In conjunction with a local theatre company, students learn self-expression and confidence as they take on characters and roles in plays.


Book Clubs
For the readers and thinkers, book clubs offered in English and French, offer an escape to the imaginary world of fantasy or fiction.


Alder Ridge Academy offers a 21st century educational experience for the 21st century child. Our innovative learning experiences are founded in the established Montessori philosophy. We offer a student-led, self-paced education that holistically supports all aspects of development, nurturing each child’s natural desire for knowledge, understanding and respect. Alder Ridge is a learning community, where encouragement and guidance are coupled with the children’s natural inquisition to propel them to reach for the stars.

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