Summer Camp at Alder Ridge Montessori School in Brampton

Summer Camp at Alder Ridge Montessori School in Brampton

Summer Camp at Alder Ridge Montessori School in Brampton

Summer camp at Alder Ridge Montessori School in Brampton is a priority for us during the summer, as it supports further personal and social development for our students, and nurtures the qualities we strive for every leader to have.

Many of the activities included in the Summer Camp are incorporated in everyday life activities while others are fun and exciting for every student. 


Program Information

  • Ages: 18 months to 6 years

 The weekly themes and activities are as follows:

  • July 4-8
    • Bring summer on and join our campers in a week filled with Canada Day inspired activities. From painting fireworks, marshmallow structures and handprint flags to friendship bracelets, buddy interviews, silly face photos and many more fun things to look forward to!
  • July 11-15
    • Calling all superheroes, magical creatures and wizards!!
    • Design your own magic wand and create a spooky potion. Take a journey into the magical world of another galaxy and go on a treasure hunt to collect lost treasure. Make wizard hats and indulge in sparkling slime. An exciting magic show to keep you all enthralled! This week has it all.
  • July 18-22
    • Explore Imagine Build and Create!!!!!
    • Using the STEM model, campers will use Lego bricks to make ships, buildings and even their own plane. Make natural discoveries and get excited doing science experiments. Use a telescope, microscope and work on 3D puzzles. Be hypnotized by crafty lava lamps and make your own popsicle robot. There is so much to experiment with this week!
  • July 25-29
    • Away we go with our campers for a scenic nature walk and hike. Make sure to build your own rock collection on the way. Go on a bug hunt and create a “Bug Book”. Let’s put on our animal face masks and enjoy an animal Safari. Tons of entertainment with the Creepy creatures making a surprise visit. Bring your beach ball and flip flops for some exciting water play
  • August 2-5
    • From pottery to painting, origami to creative arts, this week will bring out the hidden artist in your child. Explore different materials, textures and use your imagination to create masterpieces. Enjoy painting your own pieces and have your own art exhibition!
  • August 8-12
    • Join us for a journey that will thrill your mind, body and spirit. Move to the beat of drums and listen to the chiming of tambourines. Stomp your feet and click your fingers to create a rhythm. Clap along with the band or conduct your own orchestra. Have an awesome time playing the piano or a guitar. You can even try the flute and drums. Make your own guitar and didgeridoos to take home. It is all about the senses this week as you dance and sing along.
  • August 15-19
    • Come join us at our very own circus. Try your hand at juggling and twisting hula-hoops. Learn new tricks and charm your friends. Laugh with clowns and learn balloon crafts. Create carnival masks and hats. Save your energy for this action-packed last week of summer camp. Go wild on the bouncy castle, eat popcorn and cool off with freezies. Take home handmade t-shirts designed and made by you as a memory of the fantastic times spent at Alder Ridge Summer Camp!!!!!

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