Montessori School in Brampton | Alder Ridge Academy


Alder Ridge Academy’s core programming has been specifically crafted following key Montessori concepts and includes a balance of academic, physical, cognitive, social and emotional development.

  • Inculcating a love of learning is integral to the Alder Ridge experience. Children are taught independence; they pride themselves based on their own achievements and accomplishments rather than external approval.
  • The child-centered approach puts equal emphasis on all aspects of the child’s development and creates strong independent thinkers who are actively involved in and pace their own learning.
  • Age appropriate settings offer the right stimulation and material so children explore, question and achieve without pressure. A structured environment provides direction and helps maintain an orderly calm.
  • Small student-teacher ratios further augment individual attention offered by exceptionally qualified and trained staff. Our teachers observe students and guide them through consultation and gentle nudges as and when needed to foster growth and self-accomplishment.