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How is a Private School Different?

How is a Private School Different?

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Choosing where to send your children to school is never easy. There are a lot of deciding factors that go into the decision of where to send your kid to school. Checking out the school options that are close to your home can help you find the best fit for you children and for yourself. But first, what are the main differences between public and private schools? Below are the 3 key differences.

Class Size

Class size is one of the biggest differences between private and public schools. The typical public school size is as large as 30 to 35+ students per classroom, while most private schools like to maintain their class sizes to approximately 10-15 students, depending on the school and location.

Due to the smaller classrooms, private schools are able to offer more personalized learning specific to each student. With less students in the classroom, the teacher is also able to spend more time with each student explaining a specific lesson, vs. in a public school classroom where there are double the number of students


Teacher Preparation

Teachers at both public and private schools need to be certified, always. All public schools require their teachers to have the proper certifications for Canadian teachers, while private schools may be more niche and prioritize advanced bachelor of arts or education in different topics.

Private schools are also able to accept teachers who may have gotten their certifications from organizations outside of Canada. Since private schools don’t necessarily have to follow the exact curriculum as public schools, they often have additional programs that are not readily offered at public schools. That being said, teachers with different specializations and knowledge are often brought on board to provide children with knowledge from experts in those additional programs and key areas.


Academics and Activities

With private schools coming at a cost to every parent, schools are able to place that resource of income into their facilities and academics. For a child to thrive, academic learning must be accompanied by a multitude of experiences and opportunities. At Alder Ridge, we offer a host of after school age appropriate enrichment programs for students aged 2.5 to 12 years of age.

  • Dance
    •  From hip-hop to acro-dance, students discover their hidden talents as they embark on a journey guided by music and movement.
  • Martial Arts
    • Taekwondo, karate and jujitsu help students learn self-defense techniques and build confidence and pride.
  • Swimming
    • With possibly the largest pool in Brampton, skilled instructors teach students core strokes and breathing exercises as they progress through certified swimming levels.
  • Drama/Theatre
    • In conjunction with a local theatre company, students learn self-expression and confidence as they take on characters and roles in plays.
  • Book Clubs
    • For the readers and thinkers, book clubs offered in English and French offer an escape to the imaginary world of fantasy or fiction.

Want to learn more? Come check out our campus and learn more about Alder Ridge. Our mission is to cultivate our students into accountable, knowledgeable and confident leaders who are capable and equipped to thrive in their future endeavors.