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Holiday Gift Ideas To Help Your Child Excel

Holiday Gift Ideas To Help Your Child Excel

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Buying gifts that children will love can be tricky, especially for children who incorporate Montessori learning into their daily routine. If you’re having a difficult time thinking of gifts, check out these toys that are incredibly fun but still manage to promote their physical and mental development. You’ll love them as much as your child will!

Nature Walk Journal Ages 4+

This little nature walk journal is the perfect addition for any child who loves to explore the outdoors. Younger children may need some help reading the information but there’s plenty of space for drawing what you see, pressing pretty flowers, or pasting photos.

Palette of Pegs Ages 2+

This is such a simple toy but its possibilities are nearly endless! Not only does it promote fine and gross motor development, but it can be used to learn counting, matching, stacking, colors, patterns, and grouping. Children love the vibrant colors!

Wooden Marble Maze Ages 3-10

It’s never too early to start down the path of engineering. This wooden marble maze can be built and rearranged over and over again! It teaches children the basic foundations of structural engineering and challenges their spatial thinking. Plus, it’s made of natural beechwood, which is gorgeous and sturdy.

Code & Go Robot Mouse STEM Kit Ages 4+

Coding is the way of the future so it’s important to introduce it early. This adorable Code & Go Robot Mouse STEM kit helps children learn critical thinking, problem solving, sequencing, and programming fundamentals.

Beginner’s Sewing Machine Ages 5+

Learning life skills are essential to Montessori education. Introducing your child to their first sewing machine opens up doors for them to express their creativity while also learning invaluable skills that will help them become independent throughout their lifetime. This beginner’s sewing machine is small enough for little hands to learn the ropes.

Wooden Coin Box Ages 1+

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much this little box has to offer your child’s development! This wooden coin box teaches toddlers the basics of fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and the principles of object permanence.

As you continue your gift buying pursuit, remember to search for gifts with varying textures and natural materials whenever possible. Happy holidays!