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3 Common Myths about Montessori Education

3 Common Myths about Montessori Education

Below are the 3 Common Myths about Montessori Education:

Myth #1: Montessori is just for special learners or gifted students

The first of the 3 common myths about Montessori education is that it’s just for special learners. Though Montessori education has proven to be extremely beneficial for special learners or gifted students, the method is available for ALL students. At Alder Ridge we believe in nurturing and developing each child’s unique strengths and capabilities through gentle direction and instruction, guided by the established Montessori philosophy of education.


Myth #2: Montessori classrooms are too structured

Children learn through inquiry and are encouraged to move and grow at their own pace.  Our specially designed classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art educational material and are set up for gradual progression and mastery of skills and concepts.

Encouraged by the joy of self-discovery, children explore their surroundings and learn through inquiry. Challenge and discovery go hand-in-hand to enable our students to maximize their potential and emerge confident, resilient and prepared.


Myth #3: Montessori is outdated

Alder Ridge Academy offers a 21st century educational experience for the 21st century child. Our innovative learning experiences are founded in the established Montessori philosophy. We offer a student-led, self-paced education that holistically supports all aspects of development, nurturing each child’s natural desire for knowledge, understanding and respect. Though our experiences are founded in Montessori philosophy, the Alder Ridge difference is in that we mix innovation with proven-practices from Montessori philosophy as well.

Our mission is to cultivate our students into accountable, knowledgeable and confident leaders who are capable and equipped to thrive in their future endeavors.

Learn without limits at Alder Ridge.

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